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Pilot Proficiency

Has it Been A While Since Your Last Flight?

No Problem! We can help with that.

Desert West Aviation specializes in getting pilots current and making sure they are proficient enough to fly. Some of these checks include:

  • Flight Reviews (Every 24 Months, 61.56)

  • Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC, 61.57d)

  • Landing Currency (Day and Night, 61.57)

  • Training Pilots To Proficiency and Feeling Comfortable

  • Training Pilots in their Newly Acquired Aircraft

There has long been a discussion between a "Current" Pilot and a "Proficient" Pilot. Every Pilot should be comfortable before they get in the cockpit of an airplane and that is what is important to us here at Desert West Aviation.

AOPA is a useful tool for pilots looking to learn more about their training. This AOPA article is about the difference between being current and being Proficient and shows what is important for the student and the trainer.

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